Marriage Counseling and You

14 Dec

Marriage counseling helps couples to address the issues that may be preventing them from developing and maintaining a healthy relationship. Couples counseling is offered in many different formats, depending on what works best for each couple. It can be in person, via phone or the internet. For many people, marriage counseling has been an elusive goal that has eluded both partners. In reality, it's easier than ever to get help when you know where to look!

Most marriage therapy in Boston  sessions take place in a therapist's office or in a private clinic designed specifically to serve couples. A trained therapist will sit with a couple to talk about their problems in a non-judgmental, neutral manner. The intention behind marriage counseling is to provide the couple with resources they can use to strengthen their relationship and create a secure feeling of acceptance within the marriage.
Marriages Counseling focuses on communication, helping partners to improve their verbal and non-verbal skills, improving listening skills and providing information on healthy conflict resolution techniques. 

These techniques are designed to encourage open communication in a relationship where problems have arisen. Marriage counseling sessions also provide couples with tools they can use to rebuild trust, encourage expression, increase passion in lovemaking and open up emotionally. Most couples who enter marriage counseling remain committed to their relationships after the therapy sessions are over.

When looking into marriage counseling, it is important to consider the level of involvement each person has in the process. Ideally, each spouse should be willing to speak to the therapist if needed. In addition to one partner being willing to speak with the Boston therapist , both partners should be comfortable enough to express their opinions and needs. If one partner feels that the marriage counseling is pushing a situation into which he or she isn't comfortable, it may be better to seek out the advice of a professional before embarking on marriage counseling. Although couples can learn a lot from one another, often learning how to better communicate or expressing their needs may be the most valuable lessons learned during marriage counseling.

Couples who are not interested in going through a divorce often make the decision to go through with marriage counseling regardless of whether or not they want to stay together. It is best to wait to have children until you are sure that you want to remain married. Marriage counseling doesn't always lead to divorce, especially if both partners stay actively involved in the sessions. Once children are involved, most couples decide to remain married and remain actively involved in the relationship. Again, this is not to say that one partner cannot benefit from counseling - but often couples will find more success if one partner attends sessions but is more relaxed about the relationship after the fact.

When deciding to go through marriage counseling, you should do some research on the relationship you currently have with your partner. Ask questions, look at each other's reactions and the actions you have taken, and determine whether there is anything you can do to change the current dynamics of your relationship. Often, the best counselor for a newlywed couple is a professional who is open to learning new ways of communicating and trying out different things that can improve the relationship. A therapist may be the best choice if you have been feeling disconnected from your partner and have been asking yourself what you can do to reconnect with him or her. Your therapist will help you work through your issues and problems, as well as helping you get to know your spouse better. Your therapist will likely start by making you aware of your feelings around your spouse and then help you figure out where you need to go from there. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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