Marriage Counseling - Helping You Resolve Conflicts

14 Dec

Marriages Counseling is designed to enhance intimate relationships and smooth out interpersonal differences. A trained professional can help you create a more loving and fulfilling relationship. In many cases, marriage counselors help couples resolve such issues as children or aging. These issues can be very complicated and often lead to costly divorce proceedings. Counselors are available to help couples with these and other life transitions.

Many times, people seek marriage counseling alone because they fear talking about their problems in front of another person. People who suffer from chronic health problems or have substance abuse problems may also feel apprehensive at the thought of talking to another person about their struggles. Unfortunately, many of these same couples who experience marital conflict and substance abuse problems will not be able to resolve their issues through their own efforts.

With the help of a professional Boston therapist  or counselor, couples can work together to create an effective plan to resolve their marital problems. A good therapist will be sensitive to the needs of each couple and will work towards creating marital therapy that is supportive and non-judgmental. When a couple makes the decision to work with a therapist or counselor, they should make sure that they choose someone they have a great amount of respect for and that the therapist's style and attitude matches their own. If at any point during marriage counseling or marriage therapy, a couple feels that they are being judged, the relationship could be in trouble. Visit this website to explore more about Naya Clinics in Boston .

There are many licensed therapists known for their expertise in marriage counseling. One such therapist is Mary P. Price, MA, psychotherapist and co-author of The Marriage Therapy Solution: Creating a Life Again. Price believes that healthy communication is essential for successful relationships. She uses a "talking therapy" approach that helps individuals discover how they talk and why they talk the way they do. Other important areas that Mary Price looks into our intimacy, fear, anger, depression, drug addiction and pornography addiction.
Another marriage counseling expert is Dr. John Gottman, PhD, a psychologist and marriage counselor. Dr. Gottman believes that there are three critical factors in preventing a relationship from going successfully, they are conflict, resistance and intimacy. When couples are stuck in this "junk pack" stage, many things are possible. One of these possibilities is that the differences within the marriage can not be resolved. In order to save a relationship, the differences between couples must be acknowledged and discussed.

Marriage counseling helps couples understand the nature of their relationship and how to resolve conflicts. It is also very helpful in teaching how to strengthen the relationship by encouraging communication, stability, trust and affection. Marriage counseling can be completed in individual sessions or in couple therapy group therapy sessions. There are many options available when it comes to finding a trained, qualified, and compassionate professional to guide you and help you find answers to your questions and get your marriage back on track.

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